15 Questions With Skye Warren

15 Questions To Get To Know More About Our Attending Authors
1. What’s your favorite candy/snack/food while writing?
 Cream tea with tapioca! I often write at bubble tea shops.


2. Who is your favorite music artist?
 Halsey, but lately Lana Del Rey has been dominating my playlists. Melanie Martinez is amazing, as is Sia. Was I only supposed to list one? LOL


3. If you could time travel, where would you go?
 To Ancient Greece. Or Ancient Egypt. Or Ancient Rome.


4. What do you like to do on a rainy day?
 Cuddle with puppies, read on my Kindle, and drink wine.


5. What is your pet peeve(s)?
 Anything that keeps me away from the cuddles.


6. When you’re having a bad day, what do you do to make yourself feel better?
 Take a steaming hot bath. I love them, and actually take two a day already. My husband knows that if I take more than that, I’m stressed!


7. If you had to change your name, what would your new name be, and why would you choose that name?
 It would probably be spur of the moment, much like my pen name Skye Warren was chosen. On a related note, I love having a pen name! Unlike my given name, this is one I gave myself.


8. What’s your biggest screw up in the kitchen?
 Once I used sugar instead of salt in a Moroccan stew. Ick!


9. Would you rather bungee jump or skydive?
 Skydive. If you’re going to be crazy, be crazy!


10. What is your favorite type of Hero? Heroine?
 For heroes I love them dangerous, preferably with unclear motives and dark secrets. For heroines, basically same! I love complex and layered characters, peeling them open word by word.


11. What is your favorite movie?
 Probably Tangled. The perfect dark romance + very fun + princess movie.


12. Who is your celebrity crush?
 Chris Evans, Chris Pratt. Both amazing, but Chris Pine wins the battle. I’m also a Star Trek geek, so that might have swayed the scales.


13. What is your biggest phobia?
 Eep. Heights!


14. What word or words do you not like to read in a book?


15. What is one thing about you that would surprise us?
 Even though I love books that are dark and mysterious, I actually prefer movies to be sweet and animated. Storks, Wreck It Ralph, Minions, they’re all favorites at my house. I rarely watch “actual people” movies and never anything scary, like horror.




1. What is your favorite sex toy?
 The sex blanket. It makes for easy clean up LOL. Because with good sex, it’s bound to get messy.


2. Who is your daddy?
 Ivan Tabakov from Pretty When You Cry.

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