15 Questions With Zoe Blake


15 Questions To Get To Know More About Our Attending Authors
1. What’s your favorite candy/snack/food while writing?
Hot chocolate with a splash of whiskey and my Chef Husband hates this part but…chicken nuggets!


2. Who is your favorite music artist?
Toss-up between Rasputina and Loreena McKennit. Although I love listening to the “Sense and Sensibility” soundtrack when I write.


3. If you could time travel, where would you go?
To the Russian court of Catherine the Great.


4. What do you like to do on a rainy day?
 Read of course!


5. What is your pet peeve(s)?
I’m Type A, hyper-organized so mistakes that derive from someone else’s disorganization drive me crazy.


6. When you’re having a bad day, what do you do to make yourself feel better?
I find picking out a movie to watch at home snuggled up on the sofa and planning a thematic meal and cocktails around it a great way to distract from a bad day.


7. If you had to change your name, what would your new name be, and why would you choose that name?
E.B. Bennet. “E” for Elizabeth. “B” for Bathsheba. Combining two of my favorite female characters from “Pride and Prejudice” and “Far From the Madding Crowd”.


8. What’s your biggest screw up in the kitchen?
It would have to be the numerous fires I’ve started. If I hadn’t married a Chef, I would starve!


9. Would you rather bungee jump or skydive?


10. What is your favorite type of Hero? Heroine?
I adore an alpha Hero who has to take on a feisty, independent Heroine who initially doesn’t like him! hahaha!


11. What is your favorite movie?
Gone With The Wind.


12. Who is your celebrity crush?
Pierce Brosnan.


13. What is your biggest phobia?
I couldn’t really say. I kill spiders, love to fly and don’t mind the dentist!


14. What word or words do you not like to read in a book?
I usually cringe when an author tries to get too creative about a woman’s naughty bits. (There I just did it…annoying right?)


15. What is one thing about you that would surprise us?
My favorite hobby is archery.
1. What is your favorite sex toy?
My husband. 😉


2. Who is your daddy?
 See above. 😉

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